Monday, January 3, 2011

A rose's dress.

Tell me, is the rose naked
or is that her only dress?
Pablo Neruda


thinker said...

Great match, you gave a beautiful answer to the Neruda's question, roses can also be dressed in snow.
I guess it's connected in a way with the conversation we had in the last post, that knowing something completely means experiencing it in all seasons.

Luísa said...

Really glad you like the match, Thinker! It's a beautiful quote, and beautiful idea this of the season-experience. have u watched the korean movie 'spring, summer, fall, winter... and spring.'?

thinker said...

No, i haven't, looks like a great movie. I will try to find it here.

Alyssa Ast said...

Very thought provoking! Love it!

Luísa said...

Hi Alyssa! Happy you like it, we welcome you to the blog :)