Monday, January 31, 2011

Like drops.

There was nothing separate about her days. Like drops on the window-pane, they ran together and trickled away.
Dorothy Parker


thinker said...

Beautiful photo and match!
Interesting how the world looks quite different when we look at it through different shaped water drops. As different as it sometimes looks from a perspective of a new day.

Luísa said...

:) it's a lovely quote.

very true, things look different depending on the 'glass walls' we build (or the ones that are built before us naturally) and also depending on the way we look at it :)

Aporia said...

Cool blog. It's a creative approach.

thinker said...

Thanks Aporia, glad you like it.
Welcome to the blog!

AisforRandom said...

It's normally such a sad and lonely quote, but somehow that picture makes me happy.

thinker said...

I agree, Luisa's photos always give some new emotion to the quotes.
Welcome to the blog!