Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Our dreams are luminous, a cast fire upon the world. Morning arrives and that's it.
Sunlight darkens the earth.
Charles Wright


Luísa said...

that's a very very beautiful match, Thinker. very true, our dreams are light and they are contagious in the world, i believe. beautiful quote. and yes, the photo was taken in a morning, well observed :)

thinker said...

Happy you liked it, your beautiful, dreamlike photo gave me a straight idea:)
I like your thought about dreams being contagious, they really affect and color our reality with its lights, often we are not aware how much.
Is it Lisbon?

Luísa said...

yes, Lisbon's riverside :)

Marshall Lynch said...

wow very nice place.
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Luísa said...

Thanks! Welcome to the blog!