Saturday, August 1, 2009

Wide worlds

I love wide, homogenous worlds, unstaked, unlimited like the sea, like high snows, deserts, and steppes.
Jean Dubuffet


Luisa Santos said...

that's exactly the mood of that field in Cattena di Villorba. "wide, homogeneous". in the summer. in winter time as well, it's all white (most of the time), all over the place but in the autumn is full of different nuances of greens, reds, browns. "wide, homogeneous" are the words for this Summer field. maybe for most places in Summer :)

thinker said...

Yes, wide homogeneus landscapes really are enjoyable to look at, especially for urban people, trapped in our narrow streets, and used to see only cutouts of the sky.
Great photo, Cattena di Villorba is a beautiful place.