Thursday, February 10, 2011


Bloom where you're planted.
Afghan proverb


Luísa said...

love it, great match Thinker! both the plant and the graffities are blooming in this place. the same goes for people, i think. they can bloom where they are born and elsewhere.

thinker said...

Glad you liked the match Luisa.
I agree, the place where we are born doesn't necessarily have to be our true home, we can choose our own place in the world. Luckily we don't have roots to keep us in one place:)
The photo is really great, is it Berlin?

Luísa said...

yes! no roots :) (at least no physical ones :)
Yes, Berlin it is ;)

Domestica Etcetera said...

I like this one. I didn't really even have the urge to navigate away while I was reading through my bus. stats chapter. I finished reading, and wa-la!, it was still there. :)