Monday, December 13, 2010

Just once around the sun.

Vincent: A year is a long time.
Irene: Not so long. Just once around the sun.
from a movie Gattaca


thinker said...

Beautiful match Luisa, i was wondering how you will solve this one:)
I like the scene and the details very much, the train station, the travelling mood, the blurred passer-by, all connected with the idea of time in a lovely way.

Luísa said...

:) thanks Thinker! Glad you like it! I took this one in a train station in Germany, I remember I was so tired, it was a few years ago when I first visited Germany and I was in-between cities. I think it was in Cologne train station :)

Cécile said...

I really liked that movie.
Great picture Luisa!

thinker said...

Glad you liked it Cecile, Luisa and i were thinking about adding movie quotes and shorter book passages too, not just the standard quotes..

Luísa said...

Hi Cécile, thanks! very happy u like it :) Yes, Thinker found this super nice quote rom this movie, I love it too :)