Tuesday, December 8, 2009

people have been banned.

Human rights pale beside the rights of machines. In more and more
cities, especially in the great metropolises of the South, people have
been banned. Automobiles usurp human space, poison the air, and
frequently murder the interlopers who invade their conquered territory
-and no one lifts a finger to stop them. Is there a difference between
violence that kills by car and that which kills by knife or bullet?
- Eduardo Galeano


thinker said...

Beutiful photo and match Luisa!
I like the capture very much, the efect is amazing. Is it taken through a glass window or you used some computer effects?

Luisa Santos said...

:) it's 2 shots in one, can be made digitally or when you take the actual shot by simply 'programming' for multiple shots in one frame :) it's in beautiful NY ;)

Cécile said...

Amazing picture Luisa!
And the quote is so true - I hate cars; I hate cars everyday.

thinker said...

Happy you like the match Cecile!

Luisa Santos said...

yes, cars can be a nightmare!! and thanks Cécile :)