Monday, November 16, 2009

Love quote

To take possession of a city of which you are not a native you must first fall in love there.
John Banville


Luisa Santos said...

to fall in love with the city, I guess. some cities are easier to fall in love for than others, of course. london isn't an easy city to fall for but if you get to now it it will be a forever love. linz (on the photo) is a cute city, easier to fall in love at first sight, i think... lisbon is my city and i didn't manage to fall for it so far. I guess the quote is right and i would need to fall in love here to fall for this city. or maybe i need to look at it with different eyes :) really like this quote, made me drift through different thoughts. thanks for this Thinker :)

thinker said...

Happy you liked the quote Luisa.
I like your bright and sunny photo of Linz very much!