Tuesday, October 20, 2009


What art offers is space — a certain breathing room for the spirit.
John Updike


Luisa Santos said...

that's a beautiful quote on space. space has so many connotations and it's so needed. I guess art has both a formal and a conceptual roles in giving space. beautifully matched :)

thinker said...

Glad you like it Luisa!
Interesting photo, where is it taken?

Luisa Santos said...

In Porto, Casa da Musica (House of Music), a project by Rem Koolhas - you can read an article about it here http://www.arcspace.com/architects/koolhaas/musica/musica.html and a link for the Casa da Musica here: http://www.casadamusica.com/Default.aspx?langSite=eng