Sunday, March 22, 2009

I am grass.

I am grass that has taken the form
Of your body where it has lain, losing
All other forms; and every face
Breeds yours in my quick eyes.
- Grace Schulman, from Lost Unity


Jamie Nalley said...

Your words are beautiful...

thinker said...

Hey Luisa, another amazing photo match. It possesses the same pensive mood and the nostalgic, sad emotion of the verses. A lovely idea, the shape of the roads in grass is made with our feet, and with the tires of our cars. We are the shapers of the world, even when we are not aware of it..
Thanks Jamie, glad you like them. Welcome to the blog!

Luisa Santos said...

thanks Thinker, glad you like it :)
welcome to the blog Jamie, Thinker finds the best quotes ever, always surprising :)