Monday, February 16, 2009

Between today and tomorrow.

Exactly at midnight
yesterday sighs away.
- William Stafford


thinker said...

Great idea and a beautiful photo, midnight really is a gate between today and tomorrow.
I really like your winter photos, looking forward to see how the seasons will change on the posts during the year.

Luisa Santos said...

:) Thanks Thinker :) Really glad you like it :) Nature is ever changing in a beautiful process. I am also looking forward the next seasons, the change is something amazing in Nature.

Leslie Avon Miller said...

You two are having so much fun! As am I seeing what you find.

Luisa Santos said...

:D Very true. I love getting surprised by Thinker's quotes and great matches :) and am really glad you are enjoying it as well, Leslie!!!

thinker said...

A lot of fun Leslie. We turned it into a game of solving tasks and riddles. And as Luisa said, solutions and answers are always unexpected and surprisingly great :)